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Hive 1.0.0发布

  美国时间2015年2月4日,Hive 1.0.0正式发布了。该版本是Apache Hive九年来工作的认可,并且开发者们正在继续开发。Apache Hive 1.0.0版本本来是要命名为Hive 0.14.1的,但是社区感觉是时候以1.x.y结构来命名。
  虽然被叫做1.0.0版本,但是其中的改变范围很少,主要有两个改变:1、开始为HiveMetaStoreClient定义公开的API(HIVE-3280);2、HiveServer 1被移除(HIVE-6977)。API文档正在开始,并且会在HIVE-9363里面继续。
  HiveServer 1的移除是Hive向企业版准备的重要一步。HiveServer 2在两年半年前由Cloudera贡献给Hive社区的,并且使得Hive支持JDBC、ODBC和细粒度的权限控制。
  对于CLI用户来说,迁移到HiveServer 2将需要使用Beeline。Cloudera和Intel将继续投入巨资在Beeline和HiveServer 2上,来使得这个过渡变得更加简单。
  下一个Hive主要版本0.15.0将会命名为1.1.0。我们最想要的Hive-on-Apache Spark 将会在Hive 1.1.0中发布,这个版本正在开发中。 


  Hive 1.0.0版本主要修改的Bug和提升请参见下面列表:

* User: 过往记忆
* Date: 15-02-06
* Time: 上午12:30
* bolg: https://www.iteblog.com
* 本文地址:https://www.iteblog.com/archives/1265
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  [HIVE-5631] - Index creation on a skew table fails
  [HIVE-5664] - Drop cascade database fails when the db has any tables with indexes
  [HIVE-6198] - ORC file and struct column names are case sensitive
  [HIVE-6468] - HS2 & Metastore using SASL out of memory error when curl sends a get request
  [HIVE-7270] - SerDe Properties are not considered by show create table Command
  [HIVE-8099] - IN operator for partition column fails when the partition column type is DATE
  [HIVE-8295] - Add batch retrieve partition objects for metastore direct sql
  [HIVE-8374] - schematool fails on Postgres versions < 9.2
  [HIVE-8485] - HMS on Oracle incompatibility
  [HIVE-8706] - Table statistic collection on counter failed due to table name character case.
  [HIVE-8715] - Hive 14 upgrade scripts can fail for statistics if database was created using auto-create
  [HIVE-8739] - handle Derby and Oracle errors with joins and filters in Direct SQL in a invalid-DB-specific path
  [HIVE-8784] - Querying partition does not work with JDO enabled against PostgreSQL
  [HIVE-8805] - CBO skipped due to SemanticException: Line 0:-1 Both left and right aliases encountered in JOIN 'avg_cs_ext_discount_amt'
  [HIVE-8807] - Obsolete default values in webhcat-default.xml
  [HIVE-8811] - Dynamic partition pruning can result in NPE during query compilation
  [HIVE-8827] - Remove SSLv2Hello from list of disabled protocols
  [HIVE-8830] - hcatalog process don't exit because of non daemon thread
  [HIVE-8845] - Switch to Tez 0.5.2
  [HIVE-8866] - Vectorization on partitioned table throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when partitions are not of same #of columns
  [HIVE-8870] - errors when selecting a struct field within an array from ORC based tables
  [HIVE-8873] - Switch to calcite 0.9.2
  [HIVE-8876] - incorrect upgrade script for Oracle (13->14)
  [HIVE-8880] - non-synchronized access to split list in OrcInputFormat
  [HIVE-8886] - Some Vectorized String CONCAT expressions result in runtime error Vectorization: Unsuported vector output type: StringGroup
  [HIVE-8888] - Mapjoin with LateralViewJoin generates wrong plan in Tez
  [HIVE-8947] - HIVE-8876 also affects Postgres < 9.2
  [HIVE-8966] - Delta files created by hive hcatalog streaming cannot be compacted
  [HIVE-9003] - Vectorized IF expr broken for the scalar and scalar case
  [HIVE-9025] - join38.q (without map join) produces incorrect result when testing with multiple reducers
  [HIVE-9038] - Join tests fail on Tez
  [HIVE-9051] - TezJobMonitor in-place updates logs too often to logfile
  [HIVE-9053] - select constant in union all followed by group by gives wrong result
  [HIVE-9067] - OrcFileMergeOperator may create merge file that does not match properties of input files
  [HIVE-9090] - Rename "Tez File Merge Work" to smaller name
  [HIVE-9108] - Fix for HIVE-8735 is incorrect (stats with long paths)
  [HIVE-9111] - Potential NPE in OrcStruct for list and map types
  [HIVE-9112] - Query may generate different results depending on the number of reducers
  [HIVE-9114] - union all query in cbo test has undefined ordering
  [HIVE-9126] - Backport HIVE-8827 (Remove SSLv2Hello from list of disabled protocols) to 0.14 branch
  [HIVE-9141] - HiveOnTez: mix of union all, distinct, group by generates error
  [HIVE-9155] - HIVE_LOCKS uses int instead of bigint hive-txn-schema-0.14.0.mssql.sql
  [HIVE-9162] - stats19 test is environment-dependant
  [HIVE-9166] - Place an upper bound for SARG CNF conversion
  [HIVE-9168] - Vectorized Coalesce for strings is broken
  [HIVE-9205] - Change default tez install directory to use /tmp instead of /user and create the directory if it does not exist
  [HIVE-9234] - HiveServer2 leaks FileSystem objects in FileSystem.CACHE
  [HIVE-9249] - java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.io.HiveVarcharWritable cannot be cast to org.apache.hadoop.hive.common.type.HiveVarchar when joining tables
  [HIVE-9278] - Cached expression feature broken in one case
  [HIVE-9317] - move Microsoft copyright to NOTICE file
  [HIVE-9359] - Export of a large table causes OOM in Metastore and Client
  [HIVE-9361] - Intermittent NPE in SessionHiveMetaStoreClient.alterTempTable
  [HIVE-9390] - Enhance retry logic wrt DB access in TxnHandler
  [HIVE-9401] - Backport: Fastpath for limited fetches from unpartitioned tables
  [HIVE-9404] - NPE in org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastore.txn.TxnHandler.determineDatabaseProduct()
  [HIVE-9436] - RetryingMetaStoreClient does not retry JDOExceptions
  [HIVE-9473] - sql std auth should disallow built-in udfs that allow any java methods to be called
  [HIVE-9514] - schematool is broken in hive 1.0.0

  [HIVE-3280] - Make HiveMetaStoreClient a public API
  [HIVE-8933] - Check release builds for SNAPSHOT dependencies

  [HIVE-6977] - Delete Hiveserver1

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