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Apache Flink 1.1.4 正式发布

  Apache Flink 1.1.4于2016年12月21日正式发布,本版本是Flink的最新稳定版本,主要以修复Bug为主;强烈推荐所有的用户升级到Flink 1.1.4版本,替换pom中的以为如下:



Apache Flink 1.1.4下载地址

点击下载Flink 1.1.4

使用RocksDB Backend的用户需要注意

Flink依赖的RocksDB版本已经从 4.5.4 升级到 4.11.2。两个版本之间的一些RocksDB内部的默认配置已经变化了,这可能会影响到Flink与RocksDB整合的内存占用。因此,我们手动将它们重置为以前的默认值,如果你想使用Rocks 4.11.2新的配置,你可以如下操作:

RocksDBStateBackend backend = new RocksDBStateBackend("...");
// Use the new default options. Otherwise, the default for RocksDB 4.5.1
// `PredefinedOptions.DEFAULT_ROCKS_4_5_1` will be used.

Apache Flink 1.1.4 Release Notes


[FLINK-4510] - Always create CheckpointCoordinator
[FLINK-4984] - Add Cancellation Barriers to BarrierTracker and BarrierBuffer
[FLINK-4985] - Report Declined/Canceled Checkpoints to Checkpoint Coordinator

[FLINK-2662] - CompilerException: "Bug: Plan generation for Unions picked a ship strategy between binary plan operators."
[FLINK-3680] - Remove or improve (not set) text in the Job Plan UI
[FLINK-3813] - YARNSessionFIFOITCase.testDetachedMode failed on Travis
[FLINK-4108] - NPE in Row.productArity
[FLINK-4506] - CsvOutputFormat defaults allowNullValues to false, even though doc and declaration says true
[FLINK-4581] - Table API throws "No suitable driver found for jdbc:calcite"
[FLINK-4586] - NumberSequenceIterator and Accumulator threading issue
[FLINK-4619] - JobManager does not answer to client when restore from savepoint fails
[FLINK-4727] - Kafka 0.9 Consumer should also checkpoint auto retrieved offsets even when no data is read
[FLINK-4862] - NPE on EventTimeSessionWindows with ContinuousEventTimeTrigger
[FLINK-4932] - Don't let ExecutionGraph fail when in state Restarting
[FLINK-4933] - ExecutionGraph.scheduleOrUpdateConsumers can fail the ExecutionGraph
[FLINK-4977] - Enum serialization does not work in all cases
[FLINK-4991] - TestTask hangs in testWatchDogInterruptsTask
[FLINK-4998] - ResourceManager fails when num task slots > Yarn vcores
[FLINK-5013] - Flink Kinesis connector doesn't work on old EMR versions
[FLINK-5028] - Stream Tasks must not go through clean shutdown logic on cancellation
[FLINK-5038] - Errors in the "cancelTask" method prevent closeables from being closed early
[FLINK-5039] - Avro GenericRecord support is broken
[FLINK-5040] - Set correct input channel types with eager scheduling
[FLINK-5050] - JSON.org license is CatX
[FLINK-5057] - Cancellation timeouts are picked from wrong config
[FLINK-5058] - taskManagerMemory attribute set wrong value in FlinkShell
[FLINK-5063] - State handles are not properly cleaned up for declined or expired checkpoints
[FLINK-5073] - ZooKeeperCompleteCheckpointStore executes blocking delete operation in ZooKeeper client thread
[FLINK-5075] - Kinesis consumer incorrectly determines shards as newly discovered when tested against Kinesalite
[FLINK-5082] - Pull ExecutionService lifecycle management out of the JobManager
[FLINK-5085] - Execute CheckpointCoodinator's state discard calls asynchronously
[FLINK-5114] - PartitionState update with finished execution fails
[FLINK-5142] - Resource leak in CheckpointCoordinator
[FLINK-5149] - ContinuousEventTimeTrigger doesn't fire at the end of the window
[FLINK-5154] - Duplicate TypeSerializer when writing RocksDB Snapshot
[FLINK-5158] - Handle ZooKeeperCompletedCheckpointStore exceptions in CheckpointCoordinator
[FLINK-5172] - In RocksDBStateBackend, set flink-core and flink-streaming-java to "provided"
[FLINK-5173] - Upgrade RocksDB dependency
[FLINK-5184] - Error result of compareSerialized in RowComparator class
[FLINK-5193] - Recovering all jobs fails completely if a single recovery fails
[FLINK-5197] - Late JobStatusChanged messages can interfere with running jobs
[FLINK-5214] - Clean up checkpoint files when failing checkpoint operation on TM
[FLINK-5215] - Close checkpoint streams upon cancellation
[FLINK-5216] - CheckpointCoordinator's 'minPauseBetweenCheckpoints' refers to checkpoint start rather then checkpoint completion
[FLINK-5218] - Eagerly close checkpoint streams on cancellation
[FLINK-5228] - LocalInputChannel re-trigger request and release deadlock
[FLINK-5229] - Cleanup StreamTaskStates if a checkpoint operation of a subsequent operator fails
[FLINK-5246] - Don't discard unknown checkpoint messages in the CheckpointCoordinator
[FLINK-5248] - SavepointITCase doesn't catch savepoint restore failure
[FLINK-5274] - LocalInputChannel throws NPE if partition reader is released
[FLINK-5275] - InputChanelDeploymentDescriptors throws misleading Exception if producer failed/cancelled
[FLINK-5276] - ExecutionVertex archiving can throw NPE with many previous attempts
[FLINK-5285] - CancelCheckpointMarker flood when using at least once mode
[FLINK-5326] - IllegalStateException: Bug in Netty consumer logic: reader queue got notified by partition about available data, but none was available
[FLINK-5352] - Restore RocksDB 1.1.3 memory behavior

[FLINK-3347] - TaskManager (or its ActorSystem) need to restart in case they notice quarantine
[FLINK-3787] - Yarn client does not report unfulfillable container constraints
[FLINK-4445] - Ignore unmatched state when restoring from savepoint
[FLINK-4715] - TaskManager should commit suicide after cancellation failure
[FLINK-4894] - Don't block on buffer request after broadcastEvent
[FLINK-4975] - Add a limit for how much data may be buffered during checkpoint alignment
[FLINK-4996] - Make CrossHint @Public
[FLINK-5046] - Avoid redundant serialization when creating the TaskDeploymentDescriptor
[FLINK-5123] - Add description how to do proper shading to Flink docs.
[FLINK-5169] - Make consumption of input channels fair
[FLINK-5192] - Provide better log config templates
[FLINK-5194] - Log heartbeats on TRACE level
[FLINK-5196] - Don't log InputChannelDescriptor
[FLINK-5198] - Overwrite TaskState toString
[FLINK-5199] - Improve logging of submitted job graph actions in HA case
[FLINK-5201] - Promote loaded config properties to INFO
[FLINK-5207] - Decrease HadoopFileSystem logging
[FLINK-5249] - description of datastream rescaling doesn't match the figure
[FLINK-5259] - wrong execution environment in retry delays example
[FLINK-5278] - Improve Task and checkpoint logging
New Feature

[FLINK-4976] - Add a way to abort in flight checkpoints

[FLINK-4778] - Update program example in /docs/setup/cli.md due to the change in FLINK-2021
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