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Spark Summit 2016 San Francisco PPT免费下载[共95个]

  Spark Summit 2016 San Francisco会议于2016年6月06日至6月08日在美国San Francisco进行。本次会议有多达150位Speaker,来自业界顶级的公司。




Apache Spark 2.0
Large-Scale Deep Learning with TensorFlow
AI: The New Electricity
Big Data in Production — Lessons from Running in the Cloud
Break — Sponsored by
Huohua: A Distributed Time Series Analysis Framework For Spark
Structuring Spark: Dataframes, Datasets And Streaming
Low Latency Execution For Apache Spark
Spark Uber Development Kit
Five Lessons Learned In Building Streaming Applications At Microsoft Bing Scale
Bolt: Building A Distributed ndarray
A Deep Dive Into Structured Streaming
Re-Architecting Spark For Performance Understandability
Managed Dataframes And Dynamically Composable Analytics: The Bloomberg Spark Server
Airstream: Spark Streaming At Airbnb
Recent Developments In SparkR For Advanced Analytics
Temporal Operators For Spark Streaming And Its Application For Office365 Service Monitoring
Deploying Accelerators At Datacenter Scale Using Spark
Elasticsearch And Apache Lucene For Apache Spark And MLlib
Building Realtime Data Pipelines with Kafka Connect and Spark Streaming
Large Scale Multimedia Data Intelligence And Analysis On Spark
Embrace Sparsity At Web Scale: Apache Spark MLlib Algorithms Optimization For Sparse Data
Time-Evolving Graph Processing On Commodity Clusters
Spark On Mesos: The State Of The Art
Netflix - Productionizing Spark On Yarn For ETL At Petabyte Scale
Huawei Advanced Data Science With Spark Streaming
Scaling Machine Learning To Billions Of Parameters
Yggdrasil: Faster Decision Trees Using Column Partitioning In Spark
Building Custom Machine Learning Algorithms With Apache SystemML
Databricks' Data Pipelines: Journey And Lessons Learned
MLeap: Productionize Data Science Workflows Using Spark
Scalable Deep Learning Platform On Spark In Baidu
A Graph-Based Method For Cross-Entity Threat Detection
Spark And Cassandra: 2 Fast, 2 Furious
Scalable And Incremental Data Profiling With Spark
CaffeOnSpark: Deep Learning On Spark Cluster
High-Performance Python On Spark
Massive Simulations In Spark: Distributed Monte Carlo For Global Health Forecasts
GPU Computing With Apache Spark And Python
Heterogeneous Workflows With Spark At Netflix
Utilizing Human Data Validation For KPI Analysis And Machine Learning
Spark: Interactive To Production
Spatial Analysis On Histological Images Using Spark
Livy: A REST Web Service For Apache Spark
Spark Your Legacy - Real-World Lessons From Distributing An 8-Year-Old Monolith
Immersive Data Visualization Using Spark
GPU Support In Spark And GPU/CPU Mixed Resource Scheduling At Production Scale
Efficient State Management With Spark 2.0 And Scale-Out Databases
Bulletproof Jobs: Patterns For Large-Scale Spark Processing
Sim Simeonov (Swoop)
Attendee Reception
Disrupting Big Data with Apache Spark in the Cloud
Sparking the Intelligent Cloud
From MapReduce to Spark: An Ecosystem Evolves for New User Needs
Credit Fraud Prevention with Spark and Graph Analysis
Pedal to the Metal: Accelerating Apache Spark with Innovations in Silicon Technology
Apache Spark is at the Core of Re-Invention in the Cognitive Era
Spark 360 Panel
Production Readiness Testing At Salesforce Using Spark MLlib
Deep Dive: Apache Spark Memory Management
Interactive Visualization of Streaming Data Powered by Spark
Solving The N+1 Problem In Personalized Genomics
Connecting Python To The Spark Ecosystem
Scalable Machine Learning Pipeline For Meta Data Discovery From eBay Listings
Deep Dive Into Catalyst: Apache Spark 2.0'S Optimizer
Video Games at Scale: Improving the gaming experience with Apache Spark
A Spark Framework For < $100, < 1 Hour, Accurate Personalized DNA Analysis At Scale
700 Queries Per Second with Updates: Spark As A Real-Time Web Service
Apache Spark MLlib 2.0 Preview: Data Science and Production
Enhancing Spark SQL Optimizer With Reliable Statistics
Apache Spark the Hard Way: Challenges with Building an On-Prem Spark Analytics Platform and Strategies to Mitigate This
Processing 70Tb Of Genomics Data With ADAM And Toil
Women in Big Data
GraphFrames: Graph Queries In Spark SQL
Is Apache Spark the Future of Data Analysis?
Which Is Deeper - Comparison Of Deep Learning Frameworks On Spark
Morticia: Visualizing And Debugging Complex Spark Workflows
Lessons Learned From Running Spark On Docker
Finding Graph Isomorphisms In GraphX And GraphFrames
How DNV GL is Breaking Down Analytical and Computational Barriers Across the Energy Industry Using Databricks
Optimizing Terascale Machine Learning Pipelines With KeystoneML
Vertica And Spark: Connecting Computation And Data
Top 5 Mistakes When Writing Spark Applications
Enterprise Scale Topological Data Analysis Using Spark
Natural Sparksmanship – The Art of Making an Analytics Enterprise Cross the Chasm
Distributed Heterogeneous Mixture Learning On Spark
Mobius: C# Language Binding For Spark
Operational Tips For Deploying Apache Spark
Automatic Features Generation And Model Training On Spark: A Bayesian Approach
The Internet of Everywhere—How IBM The Weather Company Scales
Understanding Memory Management In Spark For Fun And Profit
Reactive Streams, Linking Reactive Application To Spark Streaming
Spark and Couchbase: Augmenting the Operational Database with Spark
Analyzing Log Data With Apache Spark
Unified Framework for Real Time, Near Real Time and Offline Analysis of Video Streaming Using Apache Spark and Databricks
Automated Spark Deployment With Declarative Infrastructure
Apache Spark Usage in the Open Source Ecosystem
Getting The Best Performance With PySpark
Locality Sensitive Hashing By Spark
PowerStream: Propelling Energy Innovation with Predictive Analytics
Handling Data Skew Adaptively In Spark Using Dynamic Repartitioning
Solr As A SparkSQL DataSource
Fully Automated QA System For Large Scale Search And Recommendation Engines Using Spark


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